What is CHIP?

CHIP, an acronym for Complete Health Improvement Project, is an affordable, 30 day lifestyle education program with thousands of graduates worldwide. It is sponsored by local, certified leadership; is community based; and has a strong, ongoing support system. CHIP encourages a close working relationship with one's personal physician.

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CHIP Reverses Lifestyle Diseases with Fork & Knife

Dr. Hans A. Diehl

"I invite you to take charge now and join a 30 day adventure that can revolutionize the rest of your life! Thousands of CHIP Graduates testify that simple and inexpensive lifestyle changes can add years to your life and life to your years."

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Class Locations

Class LocationsCHIP programs are presented all around the world with new locations being added continuously. For more infomation and additional help, contact us directly.


Scientific and medical journals continue to praise CHIP's methods of lifestyle change for coronary health. Read what doctors and scientists have to say about CHIP.


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