Program Participants

"At 71 years of age I had struggled with diets for 60 years. Also a year before I had extreme back and hip pain and this led to a hip replacement. The surgery brought a great deal of relief but I was still in a lot of pain. In the year since attending the month’s course I have lost 20 Kgs and it feels like an old car has been given a new engine. Most of my pain has gone and I feel so energetic. Yes, I feel 10 years younger! CHIP has given me a new lease of life. I loved the saying “eat more and weigh less”. Since entering the program I have never been hungry (like I was with other diets). I am committed to living this program for the rest of my life. I feel wonderful and I am so grateful to have found CHIP." –Patricia Quinn, Toowoomba, QLD Australia

"From the age of thirty I had been on medication for high blood pressure. In my fifties my active lifestyle was interrupted with lots of joint pain, knee surgery and a hip replacement. I lived with severe pain, evolved stomach problems and suffered an angina attack. My husband and I made a seasonal move from New Zealand to Australia to welcome a new grandson, when I started feeling unwell. I went to a doctor for blood tests and he asked how long I had been diabetic. Diabetic??!! I was mortified.
I knew nothing about the CHIP course when I discovered the program. One month later, I felt a whole lot better and blood tests showed I had reversed all of my readings and was no longer diabetic. Life has been wonderful in the past year and I have had no problems at all. Both my husband and I have changed our diet and now find the food we ate prior to CHIP seems to leave us with a hollow feel or feeling very gluggy. We are not tempted to go back to our old ways as we both feel more lively. I made lovely friends while attending the course! Thank you for changing our lives!"–Patricia Archie, New Zealand

"Before CHIP, I weighed 96 kgs. and was on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. My clothes varied in size from 18 to 22. In the bath I filled it to the sides, so could play dam busters. My energy levels weren't too high. I would constantly find myself thinking about food and snack in between meals. I now weigh 68 kgs. and take no medication. My clothes sizes have dropped and I recently bought a pair of size 11 jeans! I have a lot more energy and no longer think about my next meal." –Gill Lee, Toowoomba, QLD Australia

"I had a massive heart attack on November 10, 2000. I am also a Type II diabetic. I started the CHIP program in February. The results have been outstanding! I am no longer on medication for diabetes, I've lost weight and my heart condition continues to improve. This program is for everyone wanting to have a healthy lifestyle." –Denis Van Raes, Penticton

"I've had fibromyalgia for 20 years and was to the point that I couldn't walk without a cane. I couldn't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time because I'd wake up from the pain. I was too young to feel so old. I went to a free information session and decided to register as a birthday present to myself. After only one week I was sleeping 6-8 hours without waking up. After 4 weeks I walked 20 miles in one weekend without pain and without my cane! I am alive again! With my increased health, I am discovering Penticton for the first time!" –Wendy Willan-Cohoe, Penticton

"I started going to CHIP because I just wasn't feeling good. I hoped to drop some weight which I did but also my cholesterol went down significantly. I've also had a reduction in blood pressure. I've never felt so good and this is after just 4 weeks! I've got more energy than I've had for years. I'm so enthused about this program!" –Ed Gowe, Penticton


Medical Professionals

“The Coronary Health Improvement Program” is the way of the future. Working in an area with a large focus on chronic disease I can’t help but be dismayed by the “lifestyle related” diseases that I see, nor the number of lives they claim each year. In this time of diabetes, renal failure and obesity epidemics, prevention, both primary and secondary is essential. CHIP hits right where needed and provides participants with the skills to be able to adjust their lifestyles in order to either prevent totally or improve the diseases of the 21st century. What a blessing that we have such a program available to us. The task ahead is to get people to embrace the principles of CHIP and go on to long and healthy lives.”
–Dr Cherelle Fitzclarence BMed(Hons) BMedSci(Hons) MPH DipObGyn,
Kimberley Satellite Dialysis Centre Medical Officer
Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service

"With the burden of ill-health associated with heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity and cancer, CHIP is a program desperately needed by people in our communities. As one who has completed CHIP as a participant I can vouch for the validity and value of what the program teaches. It is challenging, easy, affordable and fun to implement. The results have been evident in programs run in Western Australia, NSW and Queensland since 2003 and now in New Zealand.

"CHIP teaches about better lifestyle choices and how to implement them through changes in diet, physical activity and smoking cessation. The information it provides has strong scientific backing. It builds understanding of cause and effect relationships with the lifestyle diseases. The practical help given in healthy food selection and food preparation is just what many need. The support the program offers is most beneficial. I recommend that all who are able to enroll for CHIP, do so. There are few, if any, who will not benefit from it.”
–Dr Christabelle Nath B.Sc.(MED) M.B.B.S. (UNSW) F.R.A.C.G.P

The CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Program) has been one of the best discoveries I have made as a primary care doctor trying to deal with the epidemic of lifestyle diseases I face every day in my family practice (these include coronary vessel disease and angina, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, gastric reflux, arthritis, sleep apnoea and obesity). CHIP has become a most effective way of dealing with these diseases with amazing results. It also has improved the wellbeing and quality of health for those who have embraced its principles and benefits have even been experienced by those over 75 yrs of age.

A concept that doctors have believed for years is that patients seldom really make significant changes in their lifestyles which are sustained and effective therefore it is best to medicate in an upward spiral. Also doctors have very little nutritional knowledge and training and so often can be as ignorant as their patients when it comes to nutrition and health and what constitutes an optimal diet.

CHIP is the tool I have found which has changed all of this. It is a scientific validated program, has been published in reputable medical journals, is brilliantly designed and presented by Dr H Diehl a leading public health researcher and educator in the USA. The CHIP program is well laid out and presented, supports lifestyle change as a personal choice and provides the necessary group support to affect this change.

I have received numerous letters from medical specialists complementing the amazing changes and the sustained improvement in health parameters they are seeing in my patients who have become CHIPPERS. These include local specialists in Internal medicine, Endocrinology, Cardiology and Rheumatology.

The local community and friends of CHIPPERS are also noticing the improvements and many have adopted the CHIP lifestyle despite having never attended the program. This program is powerful!

What I have also appreciated is that this program is not another money making scam and is not making someone rich at the expense of the public. The programs are run as not for profit and as a community health project.

–W T Hurlow (MBChB, M Fam Med, Dip Obs and Gynae, FRCNZGP,
Medical Director Southcare Medical Centre,
Hawera NZ Director Hauora Taranaki PHO, March, 2008

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